Macintosh Hard Drive Data Recovery & Database Rebuilding Services

Are you seeing this (spinning pinwheel) often? It could be the sign of a hard drive on the fritz or another issue that needs attention. Give us a call or simply stop by our office and we will let you know where to go from there!

We only charge a $45 attempt fee if we are unable to recover any useful data.

Contact us for additional details or Schedule Service online.
Typical turn around time is typically 48 hours or less

$120/hour standard hard drive data recovery to DVD or other media source such a client provided USB drive.
(We only charge touch-time / not the time it takes to copy the data - 1/Hour Min)*

$150/hour for emergency hard drive data recovery or specialized email / database rebuilding such as Microsoft Office, Entourage Email, and FileMaker just to name a few we have successfully worked with. (We only charge touch-time / not the time it takes to copy the data - 1/Hour Min)*

*The only instance when we will charge for copy time is while waiting on-site. We can waive this charge if you bring the drive or Mac to our office location for recovery. This allows us to focus on other tasks while the recovery process is underway saving time and money.

$45 attempt fee (it's all you pay if we cannot recover any useful data)

Is your drive is clicking, not spinning up or making unusual noises? Stop what you are doing and
Contact us right away. The longer you wait, the worse it will eventually get which may even prevent a successful recovery altogether.

There are certain situations that arise when simply cannot recover any data from certain hard drives depending on the specific failure or damaged that was caused to it. We can help determine this in advance for you before we start the recovery process. Feel free to give us a call and we will explain what to look for and how to bring it to us for testing.

As a service to our clients and for those special cases that prove to be outside of our ability to perform a full recovery, we have formed a partnership with
DriveSavers that allows us to provide you with discounted Data Recovery Rates.

While this isn't the most cost effective way to go, it is often the best and most reliable method for dealing with failing drives heads, physical damage (such as water and fire) or drives that do not spin up at all anymore. The last thing you want is a failing drive head crashing into your disc causing more damage during a recovery. We strongly recommend having us check it out first, we just might be able recover your data as well as save you time and money in the process.

We take necessary steps to protect your privacy and your data. Data destruction services also available.